Monday, July 20, 2015

Seeing Green

A. Lattimore, 'Path to Olana'  8"x10"  

We just finished the Hudson Valley Workshop a week ago. We worked hard and diligently yet, as always, found time to relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery and each other.

The above painting is a demo I did at Olana, Frederic Church's home. Church was part of the Hudson River School of painters. Much of Church's paintings were done from his home that sits on the hilltop from where we were painting.

My next workshop is also going to be in the Hudson Valley in Amenia, New York.  Wethersfield House offers an abundance of verdant greens and pastoral views that stretch for miles from where we'll be painting.  This opportunity at Wethersfield provides the chance to explore the subtleties and differences of warm and cool greens. Very often form is lost when one doesn't understand how to differentiate the subtle differences between warm and cool greens. In this workshop we'll look more deeply into the canopy of color to find and define these quiet nuances that can help take your painting to the next level.

A. Lattimore, "Gardens at Wethersfield" 24"x30" 

Below is a drawing of the Wethersfield property which has formal Italian style gardens and panoramic views.  The 4-day workshop is August 6-9.

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