Tuscany Art Workshop:     July 1 - July 10, 2014
We're back for another wonderful season of painting the Tuscan landscape in the foothills of Fiesole! Day trips to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is only a short distance away.

Wethersfield Plein Air Workshop:    August 14 - 17, 2014
Painting in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley.   Located in Amenia, New York.   We'll
spend four days painting on the former estate of philanthropist, Chauncey Stillman.

Block Island Plein Air Workshop:    September 8 - 12, 2014
This is the last workshop of the summer season.   A 5-day workshop painting the majestic vistas of  beautiful Block Island.   The summer crowds are gone and the island is ours to paint!

For more information and details, please call 914.819.8856 or email lattimorestudio@yahoo.com

American Masters Group Exhibition in Sarasota 2013

Palm Avenue Fine Art's
Group Exhibition 
March 22  -  April 4

Donna and I had the most delightful week with good friends in Sarasota, Florida.  It was our first time exploring the city's many cultural highlights.  The timing of the trip was also perfect;  it allowed me to attend the opening reception at the Palm Avenue Fine Art Gallery, where I had four pieces featured in the show. Two of which are below:

                                                 "Rainier Cherries"  oil on canvas, 11 x 14   SOLD

                                               "Morning Repose"  conte on paper  20 x 24

Among our favorite places visited, was the Ringling Museum of Art.  Besides the beauty of the grounds and architecture, what most impressed was the museum's collection of four massive Rubens that displayed all of the master's painterly brushwork. (Above)    

An unexpected surprise was a sumptuous portrait by the great Venetian painter,
Titian, that displayed his mastery of intricate textile and luminosity of flesh tones.

Summer of 1977 - revisited


A few weeks ago I Iearned one of my students at WCC worked at the Westchester County Court.   During the course of our conversation, I mentioned that one of my earliest commissioned portraits hangs in one of the courtrooms.   After some thought, I asked if it were possible for me to see it.  

Laurie made all the arrangements and  last week I was reintroduced to a painting I haven't seen in over 35 years!  As it turns out, my portrait of the Hon Joesph  F  Gagliardi now hangs in the Ceremonial Courtroom named in his honor.  

A full figure portrait over eight ft. tall, frame included.  That much I remember.  What surprised me most was it being in excellent condition, aside from needing to be varnished, (I hope to varnish it shortly).   

Beyond that, my mind drifted back to lost thoughts of artistic decisions made and not made, as my eyes led me from one painted stroke to another, forgotten so long ago.  I smile at the memories that helped to define me and the gift of that journey.  

But how different I felt looking at something I once knew well, realizing that we're strangers.   A photo taken that afternoon with one at the painting's completion, illustrates that passage of time.   Yet the portrait remains unchanged, even when the subject is no more…

Plein Air Painting Italy 2013

Andrew Lattimore is returning to Italy for another exciting plein-air art workshop in Tuscany.

We'll be staying in a 14th-century villa perched in the foothills of Florence just beneath the ancient hilltop-town of Fiesole. The villa  has spectacular views of Florence as well as 16 acres of gardens and olive groves.  The participants will paint daily with ongoing instruction and daily critiques.

We'll frequently explore the city of Florence with its rich tapestry of  art and culture visiting many  of the museums, churches and galleries that contain much of the world's art.

There are still a few spots left but spaces are filling up quickly.
For information please contact:   lattimorestudio@yahoo.com

China 2012


Finally after so many years, I've traveled to one of the most mysterious countries of all, China!  It has intrigued me my whole life.  Of course, the astonishing change that has occurred in this country over the past 30 years has only fueled my desire to go there.  As China modernizes at an unprecedented pace, I wanted to see old China first, with its lush landscape and ancient culture.

Joe Paquet, myself, and our Chinese plein air colleagues

In November, I was part of a select group of plein air painters, that included friends John Cosby, Jack Dant, Andy Evansen and Joe Paquet.   

We flew to Guangzhou, where we were met by group leader Jason Situ (a great painter!) and staff who gathered all our gear for the two-hour bus ride to the city of Kaiping in the Guandong province of southern China.  There we were hosted by the Kaiping Art Museum, its Director, Mr. Shea and a museum staff that attended to all our needs throughout the trip.

Zili Diaolou, 9"x12" - $2,200

 After 34 hours of travel and a few hours of rest, we were out painting on the Pearl River.  We were accompanied by ten Chinese painters who were heads of art programs at several Chinese schools and universities.  We were surrounded by curious natives.  I had been told that there would be a lot of interest in our work.  In fact, throughout our trip, we enjoyed large audiences.  Their inquisitiveness sometimes was overbearing as they pressed in to get a better look at our color mixing, brush work and to see exactly what we were viewing from our vantage point!  At various times, we attempted to find quiet secluded places to paint, but the persistence of our onlookers always seemed to win out--as it sometimes became a game of hide and seek. 

Zou Rice Fields, 9"x12" - $2,200

Road To Chishui Town, 9"x 12" - $2,200

Our first full day of painting was in the village of Zou of Taishan.  I was struck by the uniform beauty of the rice fields-who's importance to Chinese culture cannot be overstated.  The villages all unique, were striking for their lack of young people who are off to the cities and the new China that is being built.  We painted rice fields and fish farms that were harvested by the elderly.  While painting our way across the fields, yards and rivers of this rarely seen part of China, we were greeted with kindness and generosity.  Some even tried to feed us along the way.  As I painted the Zili Diaolou, unbeknownst to me, a young lady held an umbrella over my sunburnt neck.  I'll never forget that!

                                                               Along the river in Chikan

We were unanimous in our love of the ancient city of Chikan. Its rich tapestry of unfamiliar daily activity and paintable subject matter, seduced all.  At day's end we sometimes dined on unrecognizable food in unknown places, saw Kaiping at night and visited studios of local artists.  Our Chinese compatriots were always at our side.

Chikan Sweeper, 9"x12" - $2,200

Fish Farm, 9"x12" - $2,200

Living On The Pearl, 8" x 10" - $1,800

On the final evening of our trip, all our paintings were put on display at the Kaiping Art Museum. It was the first event held in their new location and they purchased a painting from each of us for their permanent collection. An honor indeed.  In all I did 14 paintings, seven of which are shown here.

Opening Night, Kaiping Art Museum

Burning Rice Stalks, 9"x12" - $2,200  SOLD  Collection of Kaiping Art Museum

It was a wonderful painting experience, enjoyed by all.  I returned with profound memories of a mysterious culture in transition, as it takes a more prominent seat in the global arena.  I look forward to returning in the future to once again tackle a very complex, changing landscape and rekindle new friendships.

Thank you again Jason and every one at the Kaiping Art Museum for this unforgettable sojourn.

To purchase paintings directly from Andrew: Call (914) 819-8856 or email: lattimorestudio@yahoo.com

There are still a few openings left....

If you are interested, please contact me soon....time is running out.

Lattimore Atelier Junior Student Update

As our student body continues to grow at the Lattimore Atelier, we have also enjoyed welcoming an increase in young adults to our classes; many of whom are attending to further pursue their fine art endeavors and refine their portfolios as they forge their future careers as artists.

This past year, two of our talented young students, Jennifer Keltos and Niamh Butler were accepted to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Formal study at The Academy also presents a unique opportunity to explore the genius of this marvelous city’s past. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to the highest level of human achievement in art history.

The four images are examples of their work at the Lattimore Atelier and were included in their portfolio submissions:
Still Bill (Charcoal on Roma Paper) 22"x28"
by Jennifer Keltos

Plum Point (Oil on Board) 11"x14" 
{first plein-air painting}
by Niamh Butler

Graphite Study of  Bull Skull (Rag Paper)
by Niamh Butler

Jen and Niamh at the start of their three-year program at the Florence Academy this past fall, 2011. (above).

Lattimore Atelier's, junior students,  2012 graduating class.
Left to Right: Dan Yurgel, Tristan Dubin, 
Aliya Zafar, Dylan Gilespie

Our 2012 junior students are in the process of deciding which schools they'll be attending except for Aliya who has been accepted to and will attend Rhode Island School of Design.

At this time; Tristan, has been accepted to Purchase College; Dylan, has been accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design; and Dan, has been been accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago. They are still waiting to hear from other schools before they decide.  
Dan was my first young student at the atelier. Danny, as we called him then, was 12-years-old when he first arrived. For the past five years, he has been a dedicated and focused young man and I wish him and his peers all the best as they will soon embark on their future!

Lattimore Studio Survives Massive Fire

We at the Lattimore Studio want  to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have shared their thoughts and prayers during the tragic fire that consumed the entire Mill Street complex, with the exception of  our building (marked by the red star), the management building, and the 1901 Building (marked by the blue star). 

Your thoughts and well wishes are greatly appreciated during this unfortunate period.

 We are eternally grateful that the studio has survived!
The Cornwall community and many others have extended their hands in their efforts to help those who have suffered losses due to this terrible event; our heart and well wishes extend to the many who's businesses were destroyed by this ferocious fire. 

The outlined area in yellow are the buildings that were destroyed in the fire. 

The Arrival of Venus at the Studio

The Lattimore Atelier recently acquired a stunning antique-plaster 
cast of one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture.  
"Aphrodite of Milos", better known as the
"Venus de Milo"

(above) Venus after restoration.

Created around 120 BC, it portrays Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans),the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It has been on display in the Louvre since it's discovery in the ancient city ruins of Milos in 1820.

The cast is the same size as the original marble sculpture itself.   It is slightly larger than life size, 6 ft. 8 in. tall.  The cast of Venus was originally acquired by Vassar College around 1870.

Prior to packing and transportation to the Atelier,  I discovered in the bottom half of the cast, wood chips and numerous old newspapers, all dated September 3, 1894.  

(above)  The bottom half of Venus in the freight elevator on the way up to the studio.

The services of  sculptor and restorer, Michael Keropian, were retained to repair damage and remove a band of plaster from the waist.  It had been inaccurately applied for additional support where the top and bottom sections of the cast meet.  

Further examination of both sections and their "refitting", revealed an additional layer of plaster inside the torso section that did not allow it to sit properly inside the bottom draped section. 

Mr. Keropian quickly determined that all of the added plaster should be removed.  
(below) Chipping away plaster from the front torso.

(below) Chipping away plaster from the back.

Then the torso was filed down on an angle so as to
 fit the original shoulder of the bottom section.  

A layer of new plaster was placed on the shoulder rim to create a
 proper foot print for the torso on top.  Once in place,
 light plaster touch ups and sanding at the joining seal were done.

Under Mr. Keropian's guidance,  I "antiqued" the white plaster with thin glazes of
 paint to match the old, darker plaster patina seen in the rest of Venus. 

 (above) Right side before restoration.

 (above) Right side after restoration.

 (above) Front before restoration.

(above) Front after restoration.

(above) The statue completely restored.  The pitted damage that you see
 to her body is authentic to the actual "Venus de Milo".

A dolly was built and Venus placed on top.  This will allow the cast to be moved freely so students can draw different views of the statue.   They have already begun to do so in earnest.
The Venus de Milo is the most significant addition to the Atelier cast collection to date.  I'm
thrilled that all students will have the opportunity to hone their drawing skills from such a timeless masterpiece of antiquity.


Another beautiful cast acquired in 2011, is the "Horse of Selene".   A life-size horse head from The Chariot of Selene, the Greek moon goddess.   It was originally from the east pediment of the Parthenon and is now in the British Museum.

Joe Paquet Lecture

Presents a Lecture by:
Joe Paquet
Nationally Acclaimed Plein Air Painter

Creativity & Authenticity
The Quest for a Singular Vision
We all strive for an individually defining sense of vision in our work. This
discussion will help define and clarify both cause and affect for that
singular vision. Topics will include EXTERNAL versus INTERNAL motivation
as well as fear, risk and balance. There will be a Q&A period at the end.
Joe Paquet is a Signature Member of The Plein Air Painters of America, The
Salmagundi Club and an Out-of-State Artist Member of The California Art Club.

Date:  Saturday,  December 3, 2011
Time:  10:00 am - 1:00 pm ( followed by refreshments)
Fee:  $25.00 
Location:  Lattimore Atelier,  2 Mill Street, Cornwall, NY
Call  for Reservations:    
Phone:  (914) 819-8856     OR     email:     lattimorestudio@yahoo.com

WORKSHOP - Joe Paquet & Andrew Lattimore - Plein Air Landscape & Plein Air Figure


Saturday, MAY 5, 2012 - Thursday, MAY 10, 2012

The idea for this workshop has been a long time in coming.  Joe and I have been friends for almost 30 years.  Joe's talent, commitment, and knowledge of his craft, in ALL forms, has been a major inspiration to me and many others over the years.   Click here to see Joe's work.

Outside Sotheby's, 1984

Joe will be presenting Plein Air Landscape Painting in the morning and I will be presenting Plein Air Figure/Portrait Painting in the afternoon. The first day will be lecture and demo, followed by four days outside in the historic Hudson River Valley (click here for materials list).
The final day we will make a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view and discuss the collection.
Between Joe and myself we have well over 60 years combined painting experience and over 25 years teaching.
It is the kind of class I would have loved to have had myself. Don’t miss the opportunity!


Cost: $1200. (Does not include travel costs, accommodations, food or day trip costs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY City).
VERY IMPORTANT: *All Checks need to be payable to: Hurinenko & Paquet Studio and must be accompanied by a Registration Form (click here to download).
Please mail to:
H&P Studio
Northern Warehouse Building
308 Prince Street #190
St. Paul, MN 55101
STEWART AIRPORT - 7 miles north of The Lattimore Studio
NEWARK AIRPORT - 62 miles south of The Lattimore Studio
LAGUARDIA AIRPORT - 62 miles south The Lattimore Studio



Plein Air Magazine Demo - Video

Plein Air Magazine just posted the video to the demo I did this past Fall which is part of the article being featured in their March/April issue.

Large Landscape Demonstration for Plein-Air Magazine's First Issue

(photo: Julia Lawrence)

Andrew Lattimore painting from the Hudson Highlands in Cornwall-on-Hudson. Detailed story, along with photos and video will be featured in the first issue of Plein-Air Magazine (March/April).
Please see link below:

I'd like to acknowledge and thank Julia Lawrence
for the wonderful photographs and video she shot that day.